Acoustical design in architecture must be aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost effective.   To accomplish this, it is imperative that acoustical and noise control design considerations are integrated into the project early on.  This helps ensure the owner may successfully utilize their space upon occupancy.  More often than not, considerations for acoustics and noise control are minimal during schematic design.  This may cause problems during design development because the design goals may not be achievable. Some key questions the team should identify early on are listed below:

  • What are the acoustical goals relating to the function of each room?
  • Is the site located in a noisy environment or exposed to vibration?
  • What are the privacy requirements for each space?
  • What are acceptable levels of background noise?
  • Are there any presentation spaces requiring special attention?

Our primary goal at BWS is to provide our clients with cost effective, technically efficient acoustical solutions.  BWS has successfully completed designs for worship spaces, recording & television studios, post-production houses, educational facilities, high-rises, open plan offices, conference centers and performing arts facilities.

BWS works closely with architects, engineers and contractors where we provide a clear understanding of the methods that must be employed to accomplish the design goals within budget.  Our repeat business is testimony to the many times we are hired primarily for our ability to stay on budget.  It is relatively easy to over-design a room and cost the client money that could have been spent elsewhere.  BWS understands these unique challenges and we provide our clients with cutting edge designs that actually work.

Featured Project

Project Profile: Westwood Baptist Church
Seating capacity: 2500
Having a curved rear wall and high ceilings posed a unique design challenge for the team. With only $70,000.00 budgeted for acoustics, BWS implemented solutions that struck a proper balance between speech and music presentation. The church relies heavily on amplified instruments and the room needed to compensate for these louder events during worship.

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