Condos & Compliance Testing

Current building code requirements for multifamily residential properties have minimum acoustical criterion relating to airborne and structure-borne sounds.  For airborne noise, the owner must provide a demising wall design having a minimum STC-50 rating with a 45 in the field.  The structure-borne component of the code is similar and requires the owner to provide a minimum IIC-50 floor/ceiling system design with a 45 in the field for floors separating stacked units.  The STC-50 and IIC-50 requirements reference ASTM E 90 and ASTM E 492 laboratory testing of materials, respectively.  For field testing, the test references ASTM E 336 and ASTM E 1007 for the airborne and structure-borne tests, respectively.

Our involvement with residential designs may occur on the front end or tail end of a project.  BWS offers comprehensive design packages in which we assist the team in reviewing and recommending proposed designs to ensure code compliance, meet with the contractors to ensure they are well versed in proper installation techniques for noise control, provide inspections during construction and conduct ASTM compliance testing throughout the project to make certain the level of construction is adequate for occupancy.  When hired at the tail end of the project, we often test selected units or provide remedial solutions to correct unanticipated acoustical problems.

Over the past 10 years, the residential market has skyrocketed.  If the project was permitted in the southeast, chances are BWS either assisted in the design or conducted ASTM compliance testing prior to or after occupancy.   Our comprehensive programs and testing services provide our clients with the confidence that minimal problems will exist after the units are sold.


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