GE Turbines Test Stand 8

This custom test stand was designed to house the GE 9H turbine. At 400 tons and producing 450 MW of raw power, this turbine is the world’s largest and capable of energizing 600,000 homes. Noise abatement measures included the internally insulated inlet and exhaust ducts and a separate, detached, double wall construction control building.

The vent tower also contains a sound attenuation system that baffles the sound from leaving the test facility. The facility was tested after it went online and found to be within 2 dBA of levels predicted during design. It was stated that the control room is so quiet that GE engineers had to rig up a microphone to hear the turbine during testing. The project won an engineering excellence award in 1999 and was featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. (ABC Article.pdf)

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