What we provide for you

BWS Acoustics is a consulting firm providing expertise in architectural, environmental, and industrial acoustics and noise and vibration control


Considerations for acoustics and noise control should begin at schematic design and continue through building occupancy. This ensures design techniques are incorporated into the budget regarding acoustics, noise and vibration control, environmental noise, and privacy. Our primary goal is to furnish clients with cost effective solutions that seamlessly integrate into building aesthetics, are technically efficient, and functional.


BWS assists industrial clients in identifying and quantifying noise hazardous areas and developing short-term and long-term noise abatement programs targeted to minimize employee noise exposure. Hearing conservation programs are costly to maintain and BWS provides proven techniques designed to minimize employee exposure and long term costs. For highly critical areas, BWS develops computer simulated acoustic models to evaluate the benefits of specific design retrofits.


Environmental noise is a critical issue to any community and is of great importance to property owners as property values and comfort may be impacted. BWS conducts community noise monitoring and environmental assessments to determine the existence of a noise problem, compliance with local codes, and potential impact for future developments. Environmental noise assessments are recommended by most federal agencies and local governments where noise impact by transportation noise sources or industrial complexes are anticipated.


BWS measures and analyzes data and provides services to attorneys, law enforcement, and code enforcement officials, evaluating and reviewing the authenticity of data and specific audio evidence.

Code compliance

BWS conducts ASTM testing for both airborne and structure-borne noise, as well as, facade sound transmission loss. BWS assists owners in determining the most cost effective partitions and floor / ceiling designs to ensure code compliance and to meet the project goals.


BWS performs vibration monitoring and analysis to evaluate and quantify structural resonance, shock, vibration magnitude, ground-borne vibration, and machinery vibration.


BWS provides noise and vibration control designs and interior acoustic designs for theaters and home cinema. Staff members offer expertise in qualifying rooms as per SMPTE, ISO, THX, and Dolby standards.

AV Design

Targeted high fidelity audiovisual design for commercial and private cinema, performance halls, multipurpose halls, churches, and more. For larger projects BWS teams with local AV design firms.

Simulated Modeling

BWS develops 3D models in E.A.S.E. and SoundPLAN to simulate and evaluate interior acoustic conditions, environmental noise, and industrial noise.

Expert Witness

Specific staff members offer expertise as expert witness for court cases and zoning board hearings.

Studio design

Comprehensive studio design for motion picture & television facilities, recording studios, audio system tuning, mitigation of noise transmission, and equalization and fine tuning critical listening positions.