About us


Principal Founder / Lead Acoustician

President, Scott began his consulting career in 1992 at J.R. Ballentine and Associates and in 1994 he became an Associate to the firm. With four degrees from Georgia Tech in physics, electrical engineering and acoustical engineering, Scott has an extensive background with acoustic energy calculation, modeling, and analysis. To create the perfect acoustic environment, great care must be taken to ensure that the structure and foundational construction of the walls, ceiling, floor, and many fine details within are built to exact specifications. Scott has extensive experience in noise and vibration control in industry, architecture and the environment. Scott oversees all acoustical designs and specifications at BWS.


Staff Consultant, Acoustics & AV

Alvis is a staff consultant with a 35 year career which started with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and includes more than 10 years as a multi-discipline consulting professional engineer; 16 years in the IMAX organization rising to Executive Vice-President of Operations and Principal for Sonics Associates; and the past 11 years as an entertainment industry consultant. Alvis has particular experience working internationally.


Staff Consultant & Acoustic Technician

Aaron is a staff consultant at Ballentine Walker Smith and has been affiliated with the firm since 2000. Aaron has significant experience in room modeling, data acquisition and analysis, computer aided drawing, ASTM testing and preparing technical reports. Aaron earned an Associates Degree in Computer Science and is currently enrolled in the electrical engineering program at Kennesaw State University.